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Free Calendar Online

If you've ever just needed a no-hassle solution to print out a calendar, then you've come to the right place. Free Calendar Online is formatted to come out of the printer looking great, even if it doesn't look awesome on your screen. It even comes out good on mobile devices. Just do a print-preview and see for yourself! The best part is, no word processing software is required!

To get started, just pick the month/year you would like to print. You can add text to any day by clicking on the slighty shaded area at the bottom of the day square. You can pick from different calendar themes and styles, and even add a background picture to your calendar. When you're done making changes, just print this page and enjoy your epic free printable calendar!


  • Prints come out best when set to Landscape mode.
  • For best results, try using either Google Chrome or the Microsoft Edge web browser.
  • For a cleaner looking printout, remove the extra header and footer data appended by your browser:


    • On the Print Preview screen, select "+ More Settings" on the left sidebar.
    • Uncheck the "Headers and footers" option.


    • On the Print Preview screen, find the "Headers and footers" drop down box towards the bottom of the left sidebar.
    • Select the "Off" option.
  • Both Edge and Chrome allow you to "print" your calendar as a .PDF file that you can download and save for future use. This is a great idea if you plan to share your calendar with others. To use this feature, on the Print Preview screen where it asks you which printer you want to use, select the .PDF file option
  • Also, both Edge and Chrome allow you to change the page margins when printing. If your printer supports it, the calendar my look better when printed with narrow margins.
  • Don't forget that you can add text to any day of the month by clicking on the shaded area at the bottom of each day. Don't worry, the shaded background does not show up on the final printout.
  • Even on a mobile device, you can still print out great calendars! The calendar doesn't render great on the screen due to the small size of a smartphone, but the results will still look great when printed out. Give it a try!
  • Some browsers will not print background colors by default. If you are using a style that has background colors, look in your printer settings to see if you can turn them on, if they do not print out properly.

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